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Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Trillian (Astra) Getting Ready for Vista

Here comes a sleek, stylish, and minimalistic chat screen of Trillian. The New Trillian Astra.

Just a short sneak peak from their website and blog.

"Today we are unveiling the sneak preview of the first public alpha version of Trillian Astra, our codename for Trillian 4.0.

The current build is 21. From this point forward, it is our goal to release builds every 2-3 weeks or earlier should the situation demand it.

Some of you have noticed that is down. This was a side-effect of recent server changes we made and was intentional. It will be back up within a few weeks. We're slowly moving away from an older server cluster and we took the opportunity to bring down now before it was receiving too much traffic....."

Put some larger screenshots up today here for your viewing pleasure. These are largely out-of-date already due to the fast-paced nature of an alpha product, but they get the point across.

Our internal testing is moving along smoothly, and current plans are to open the doors to a larger testing base the first week of January. Given the rush around the office during the holiday seasons we felt it best to avoid a larger scale test when we're not 100% staffed. :) We are continuing to build new features and fix existing ones in the meantime."


Over the years, the one point that has been continually driven home to us is performance, whether it means operational speed or memory consumption. We've made some great strides in this realm with Trillian Astra. Time spent with the message window should be enjoyable and functional. We've improved nearly everything about the message window in Trillian Astra, opening the doors to new input methods and stronger integration with the world around you.

Start chatting faster, Redrawing times improved, Network connections are more efficiently managed, Memory usage reduced, Memory leaks plugged, Skin variety with memory in mind, Easy image sharing, Handwriting mode, Always know the local time of your contacts, RSS news delivered directly to your window and many more cool features.....


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