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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Vista: who's afraid to upgrade?

We have a small company which just bought a new notebook computer. It came to us equipped with Windows XP Service Pack 2. We're told that this little roadster can easily run Windows Vista when it becomes available and we can get an upgrade for next to nothing. Will we upgrade? Absolutely not.

Like most most small businesses, we have a good deal of our IT investment tied up in our existing software and hardware. A quick check of Microsoft's compatibility program for Vista shows that the new operating system does not recognize our printer, our scanner and we know that our current security software will not work with it.

From testing an early RTM version of Vista, we know that our new notebook will run slower on Vista than on Windows XP unless we give it more memory and perhaps a better graphics card.

Vista certainly looks nice, with features like Aero and Flip 3D, and we're told it's more secure than Windows XP SP2. However, we can't see a single reason to upgrade right now and a number of reasons why we should not.

AS far as security is concerned, there are a number of excellent security options available for Windows XP SP2 machines and the ones that we use all work well. We haven't suffered a security breach since we've been using the system.

Microsoft regularly updates our system with security patches each month and the process is automatic. True, we have to reboot when the system is updated but it's a minor inconvenience. Security is not a reason to upgrade to Vista.

So why should a business user, small or large, upgrade to Vista just as Windows XP has finally matured? We can't think of a single reason other than the fact is that from January 30, 2007, Microsoft will stop selling Windows XP and eventually we'll be forced to move to Vista - or something else.

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